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I'm just here to float, fave, and occasionally commission aspiring artists.

I recommend that you do not watch me, as I'm not an active deviant. I may sporadically submit creative writing works involving long-since retired OCs or RPCs, but that's about it.

Avatar and profile pic are of Saegusa Yukika, resident moe of the Nasuverse.
In time, I may submit in-depth character sheets about this rpc, but for now, let's settle for something that's more of a summary.

Pamela is a Changeling, of the race known as Sluagh. They're the boogeymen of Faerie society, inspiring (and feeding off) fear in the hearts of men. You know that feeling that you're being watched, the chilling breath on the back of your neck as you're walking to your car at night? That's them. They're gloomy-looking and gothic in nature and find satisfaction in that nature. They tend towards conservative dress and dark colors.

They like your secrets, especially ones that can be used for trade.

And spiders. They love creepy-crawly critters, but spiders are their favorites.

If on the off-chance you're invited back to their little hovel for some tea and talk, you'll find yourself surrounded by broken toys, old china, and dusty, ripped furniture. The type of glamour they like can be collected from old, raggedy objects..

Pamela is a constant work-in-process. In the rp for which she was created, her father, the Changeling in the relationship, had abandoned her dancer mother at some point of their romance. He had feared his Undoing and disappeared into the Dreaming to escape his increasing Banality. Her mom eventually got an office job and married her well-to-do boss. It's a sloppy backstory that I'd thrown together just so I could jump into the game. It's something I want to revamp in time.

Something I will keep forever is an aspect of her story that was created with another rper. Over time, she meets a Spider Pooka, a seer who reveals her father's fate. They wind up courting each other and getting married. Their relationship is almost comedic in that the Pooka is a southern gentlemen and a southern black widow. It's in his instinct to please his wife for fear of his life.

She was Sained by members of the Seelie court, and while she eventually distances herself from it, she stills retains a sense of Traditionalism found in the Summer Court. Her Fae name is Eimhir, rooted in Emer, the name of the wife of the Ulster hero Cu Chulainn.  This name choice may or may not have had in impact on the development of her character, as she likes to perform domestic chores like sewing and baking and will use her food to Enchant and inspire nightmares in her unsuspecting neighbors. 

Her step-father's associate is a Hunter and tried to deal with her Faerie Nature before it took root during the Dream Dance. She spends most of her life avoiding and outright running from the guy whenever she sees him on the streets.

Below are the wonderful artists who have brought her to life, with their incredible prowess. Please support them and their works!


Commission bunch 3 by MairiEmrys

TheRedCrane      Mortal Seeming

.: Chibi Comm - Awindchimesymphony :. by TheRedCrane .: Full Body CM - Awindchimesymphony :. by TheRedCrane

Yoclesh & MairiEmrys 

signiture by Yoclesh


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